The Long Procession

by Amia Venera Landscape

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released December 4, 2010


all rights reserved



Amia Venera Landscape Vittorio Veneto, Italy

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Track Name: Empire
Standstill at your tomb
As silence eats your lungs
New life grows into me
Condemning what your love never did
Confessions of dim sounds
Will come surrounding
You and your blank lights
Through black dead dawns
Rivers of true passion will flow in our eyes (now)
Lines of scarlet blood won't control (my) intentions
On this day
But there's no light aligned
To show the heaven
There's no turning back
Burnt lips yell at what you only need
God's last death
And rise again
To embrace the life that flows
(There's no way for you)
Time collapsed in your arms
Before you took this tight will ‒ hanged
On my neck
Reason flows
In your fearless wounds
Ten years passed by
As we spelled words of disbelief
Wait here they'll come
Seeking all the pride you've left
Time erased what I can't forget
Demon's love faded
Through your veins
Stars are God's trophy
Could I ever see his great design
Track Name: A New Aurora
Hate grows
Breaking hearts
Beg and supplicate
But there's no forgiving sins of all the dreams you stole

You're the same old song
Bitter smile in heart
Cause no one can
Let the tidal waves go their way
In this unkind goodbye

Suffering till no emotions
Can sense hope, they gifted you
A black heart
Are they gone to see the end?

These kind of eyes wide move in my way
Somehow you blow all the reasons away
These faults, all these tears
Won't bring me back today
All these lies that I left behind

Time figures that you're wrong
Can't you see?
Bring all your lies to me
Bring them
Why don't you want to put this to an end?
(What of the vow we had?)

Wait to swear
You don't know a thing about it
I owe you nothing more
Fainted heart

She walks as if the rain proceeds few steps behind her
She moves with all the winds and all the clouds upon her
She beats time to the tidal wave
Choosing moments, rhythm of my breath

Accept the loneliness
Give her a chance
Choosing moments

And she calls me with no name,
And she finds so hard to stay here,
Will all these middle times give us a will?
Cause there's more than a way
But without you there's no other side

Back in her sleepless nightmares
She sucks the pain
When do I make her know that she's rid?
Draw them a portrait of suspicion
For you
If I died would you say what you did for me?
And nothing more, and nothing more
But what rests today makes a follower
They are nothing to me
Track Name: My Hands Will Burn First
These doubts have come to an end
The past speaks words of your shame, going on
As you were longing to see our fall
The bonds we shared faded in tears
My forgiveness is over
The stab in my back is a gift of trust

We miss the most when everything is lost
(I) Forgot the hide where I used to put all my laws
And I still think you messed up everything
(How could you give
Our dreams to the vultures?)
And I can't go on to be the one who signs seconds to sunrise

Minutes become hours when you wait, hope and regret

And I'm..
The sharpest witness of movements under the new year's sun
(On the day, on the day you neglected us under the sun)
So will I ever have
(So will I have stars on the bottom of a lost universe)
The largest vision of what is changing (what has changed)
And what is done (done for)
So try and hide the sun
(Try to hide it)

Drag your
Conscience down
My forgiveness is over for you, left when I most needed hope.
Track Name: Ascending
Track Name: Glances (Part I)
Track Name: Glances (Part II)
From addiction to the memory
Of the things you've left undone
The sorrow seems to last forever
(So I had what I deserved)
What I deserve, What I deserve

Look in time or watch it die
And die, And I
Should I slide away or stay awake (stay awake)
For today (today), for yesterday (for all my wrongs)
For what it takes (I will wait)
Just once around the sun (the sun)
I'm stuck two inches closer
To find myself
Too far to clash and too much void
To lay out in light both the shades
To sign my passage
To say a word
And she says
"Today I'm leaving without you"
A detachment I can't accept
So shine with confidence
The right is yours and I don't have
Time to complain, voice to explain so..
There's a truth that is whispered
I hold it back to go on to
A place where you were seen doing it

This is my light
I'll thirst tonight
To catch your sight
Track Name: Marasm
Track Name: Nichòlas
There's a chain that is controlling what you do
There's a sin in the beliefs you love
But again you just see what you want to
Live in a hell, keep it inside
So on one can see it
All the good thoughts don't have sense to a life
In vain
Faith, it can't remember your face

I'm seeking the respect that I never had for myself

Your rise and fall
Is what you deserve
You'll die a liar
Chasing your pathetic truth
Here no one can stand the pride
That you exposed with so much light
You abused it

That's why I'll take mine
You'll find something to say too

So it was proven you're nothing new
Denied by pardon
Taste the weight
Of abandonment
An empty shell renewed
By cursed desires
That will bring it to
You waited 'til the end
Hoping to be absolved

There's no sorrow to feel, to see

I know you said
It was to feel
To see
What was left
Left of my scene
This is my last scene

Waste, waste the promise
Of the pure
Burning remembrance of the gone
Give a motive to the wreck
You've taken the null and braced regress
Waste, waste the promise
Of the pure
Burning remembrance of the gone
Give a motive to the wreck
You've taken the null and braced regress

If I move now
I'll be seen clearly
Starving (all along) enough to remind me
I'm so far, so far away cause I can take all
And burn it with my sins

Bless the livings that have a dream
Souls awakened for the wills, for the purposes
Drop the guilt of all the misdeeds
There's a vision, it's to bear
It's to realize
There's a meaning in the burden
Put commitment in the time that's been gifted you
Ban the languished unconsciousness
Grant the knowledge, it's for them
It's for everyone

Time stands still, while failure rises here
And time killed (we hang on) these unread best intents
Track Name: Infinite Sunset of the Sleepless Man
Track Name: The Traitor's March
Safeguard of saints
It wasn't mentioned
The world today's not the same
Take what you wanted
There won't be anyone complaining today

When all these voices have come to life
And all these voices
They all are lying
They all lied

Whispering shapes of grief
As my faith runs out of me
And you took the weight of centuries
Tear up your grace
Tear up your grace
And stare at eyes of the one that wants to know

But it's something
Lost in nothing
I see the way, I see the way, I see the way she dives in the water
But I'm far from seeing the way she melts in the ocean
(She melts with the oceans)
The lighthouse could lead me where
The faith drowns untouched but
I'm still here
Today, today again
This won't mean anything to me

Now the price of safer ways
I assumed was easy to forget
Is a path made of stones for my knees
If tonight is restless I'll confuse the passing
(Seeing no)
Seeing no seasons
The lowest flight inside the space beneath heaven
Before it crushes me down
All I seek is redemption
For the change
I want to be remembered (for)

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